miércoles, 4 de enero de 2012

Dennis The Menace No. 16, U.S.A., May, 1956

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  1. The first comic book on my hand was one of Batman.

    In that time I was a little kid of scarcely four or five years old
    and - alas! - I could not read it. At this age I knew not read even, and
    I had wait for three years to before to grab my first comic as
    a "professional reader".

    I became a Dennis the Menace´s fan because he was the first "hero"
    - a real fattie, unruly and cyclonic "hero" - I knew through their adventures in comics
    that already I could read.

    It was a very funny day - a gloriously wonderful day! - when I read my first Dennis.

    Never I can forget this moment: It was the first reading elected for me that I made being alone and very far from my home.

    What a memories...!

  2. Gracias porque has expresado mi sentimiento hacia los comics ¡y en ingles!. Yo recuerdo el verano de 1971, cuando mi vecino se cambió de casa y entre la basura dejó muchos periódicos, ¡con tiras cómicas!, ese fue mi primer encuentro con Daniel, Dennis.Así aprendí a leer, con los "monitos del periódico". ¡Qué bonitos recuerdos!